Client Testimonials

Steve Venice

Training + Nutrition

My daughter joined SD Evolution at the beginning of the year and after a few months the change in her body was noticeable. So much so, that even though I went to gym on a regular basis I thought I’d give them a try. In just 4 short months I could also see a change in my body. I’ve worked with them only on line and the feedback and attention they give to my questions has been a huge reason for my success. They are constantly encouraging and come up with unique workouts that push me, but make me feel great afterwards. They are also extremely helpful with my meal plans, giving me ideas on how to hit my numbers. Their on line presence is just as good as being with them in person! I just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and can say I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, thanks to their help!

Samantha Lombardo

Nutrition Cient

I decided to work with Josh and Alessandra because I have been competing in local power lifting meets for about 6 years now and I wasn’t as strong as I felt I should be. I wasn’t making much progress and it was because my diet was terrible. I knew the right foods to eat, but I didn’t know how much of everything I should be eating. I heard of SD-Evolution through my gym and I started following Alessandra on Instagram and was really impressed on how she changed her body with food. At the time I believe she was on a massing phase and she was putting on weight, staying lean and getting stronger and I wanted to do two of those things (get leaner and stronger). In April 2017 I signed up because I was competing in June and really wanted to give it everything I had. When I joined I weighed 155lb (I am 5’5”), I got down to 148lb and had the best meet of my life. I felt amazing, I felt strong and I was really happy with the way I looked. It is now September 2017 and my body weight has been averaging about 146lb each week and I eat around 2000 calories per day. I couldn’t be happier with my results and the support I get from Josh and Alessandra. The “If it fits your Macros” lifestyle is really working well for me and they are setting me up to be successful for the long run.

Meagan Rickabaugh

Powerlifer + Nutrition Client

Deciding to join the SD Evolution Team was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I had just been dipping my toes into the world of power lifting and then my love and passion for the sport grew tremendously. I knew I needed to take my own skills and knowledge to the next level which led me to SD Evolution. Their support, professionalism and knowledge is the real deal, truly the whole package! I know that they genuinely care about me as a person and that I am not just another number, this for me is the best quality of all. I have seen more success in the past few months that we have been working together than ever before. I know that wherever I decide I want my goals to go they will be there to help guide and support me. I have full confidence in their abilities and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team!

Cristina Connor

Training + Nutrition Client

I’ve made more progress in my fitness goals with SD Evolution over 5 months than I did on my own for the past 5 years. I was already tracking calories and writing my own workout plans, but I was barely making any noticeable or sustainable progress. Working with Josh and Alessandra provided me with the accountability, focus and motivation to finally execute on my fitness goals. SD Evolution’s nutrition and strength plans are the best investments I’ve ever made in my fitness journey. I highly recommend Josh and Alessandra’s services to anyone, but especially to those who like me, are looking for some help to break through your fitness plateau.

Sara Kish

NGA Bikini Pro, Training + Nutrition Client

In the summer of 2016, I finally decided to work towards a goal that I had been wanting to pursue for a long time: competing in my first bikini/bodybuilding competition. I started out thinking I could coach myself through this however, I wasn’t completely confident in my ability to correctly adjust my nutrition and training. I came across SD Evolution and I am SO thankful I did. My experience during my 14 weeks of prep could not have gone any better and with the guidance of them I was able to win my Natural Pro Card at my FIRST competition. My macros and training were adjusted periodically and they were always so positive, encouraging and uplifting. I always felt very comfortable checking-in and never felt like I was being pushed unhealthily over my mental pr physical limits which is not something all people competing in this sport can say. I truly do not think I could have accomplished this without them. Whether you’re looking to compete in bodybuilding, power lifting or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, SD Evolution is amazing and I highly recommend them!