Client Testimonials

Steve Venice

Training + Nutrition Client

My daughter joined SD Evolution at the beginning of the year and after a few months the change in her body was noticeable. So much so, that even though I went to gym on a regular basis I thought I’d give them a try. In just 4 short months I could also see a change in my body. I’ve worked with them only on line and the feedback and attention they give to my questions has been a huge reason for my success. They are constantly encouraging and come up with unique workouts that push me, but make me feel great afterwards. They are also extremely helpful with my meal plans, giving me ideas on how to hit my numbers. Their on line presence is just as good as being with them in person! I just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and can say I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, thanks to their help!

Alex E.

Nutrition Client

Alex is the perfect example of what small, maintainable changes translate to over time. She cycled through multiple fat loss and maintenance phases, which has lead to her long-term, sustainable progress!

Samantha Lombardo

Nutrition Cient

I decided to work with Josh and Alessandra because I have been competing in local power lifting meets for about 6 years now and I wasn’t as strong as I felt I should be. I wasn’t making much progress and it was because my diet was terrible. I knew the right foods to eat, but I didn’t know how much of everything I should be eating. I heard of SD-Evolution through my gym and I started following Alessandra on Instagram and was really impressed on how she changed her body with food. At the time I believe she was on a massing phase and she was putting on weight, staying lean and getting stronger and I wanted to do two of those things (get leaner and stronger). In April 2017 I signed up because I was competing in June and really wanted to give it everything I had. When I joined I weighed 155lb (I am 5’5”), I got down to 148lb and had the best meet of my life. I felt amazing, I felt strong and I was really happy with the way I looked. It is now September 2017 and my body weight has been averaging about 146lb each week and I eat around 2000 calories per day. I couldn’t be happier with my results and the support I get from Josh and Alessandra. The “If it fits your Macros” lifestyle is really working well for me and they are setting me up to be successful for the long run.

Meagan Rickabaugh

Training + Nutrition Client

Deciding to join the SD Evolution Team was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I had just been dipping my toes into the world of power lifting and then my love and passion for the sport grew tremendously. I knew I needed to take my own skills and knowledge to the next level which led me to SD Evolution. Their support, professionalism and knowledge is the real deal, truly the whole package! I know that they genuinely care about me as a person and that I am not just another number, this for me is the best quality of all. I have seen more success in the past few months that we have been working together than ever before. I know that wherever I decide I want my goals to go they will be there to help guide and support me. I have full confidence in their abilities and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team!

Cristina Connor

Training + Nutrition Client

I’ve made more progress in my fitness goals with SD Evolution over 5 months than I did on my own for the past 5 years. I was already tracking calories and writing my own workout plans, but I was barely making any noticeable or sustainable progress. Working with Josh and Alessandra provided me with the accountability, focus and motivation to finally execute on my fitness goals. SD Evolution’s nutrition and strength plans are the best investments I’ve ever made in my fitness journey. I highly recommend Josh and Alessandra’s services to anyone, but especially to those who like me, are looking for some help to break through your fitness plateau.

Sara Kish

Training + Nutrition Client

In the summer of 2016, I finally decided to work towards a goal that I had been wanting to pursue for a long time: competing in my first bikini/bodybuilding competition. I started out thinking I could coach myself through this however, I wasn’t completely confident in my ability to correctly adjust my nutrition and training. I came across SD Evolution and I am SO thankful I did. My experience during my 14 weeks of prep could not have gone any better and with the guidance of them I was able to win my Natural Pro Card at my FIRST competition. My macros and training were adjusted periodically and they were always so positive, encouraging and uplifting. I always felt very comfortable checking-in and never felt like I was being pushed unhealthily over my mental pr physical limits which is not something all people competing in this sport can say. I truly do not think I could have accomplished this without them. Whether you’re looking to compete in bodybuilding, power lifting or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, SD Evolution is amazing and I highly recommend them!

Erika Lee

Training + Nutrition Client

I’ve been working with team SD Evolution for 8 months now. Before working with them, I obviously loved fitness but I was stuck in how to progress. Since joining the team, I have gained a better outlook on overall health and how important consistency is. I’ve also learned that the weight on the bar isn’t the end all be all. My overall experience has been great and I am continuing to grow overall in personal health and learning more about how my body works and what it needs.

Jackie St. Louis

Training + Nutrition Client

After being with Josh and Alessandra for 1 year, I have learned how to stay focused by having a structured program. Having one-month training programs gives me enough time to improve at new exercises, especially ones that aren’t my favorites. It’s good to get outside my comfort zone and work on areas of weakness! I’ve also learned how important it is to carve out time for self-care.

My favorite part about coaching is that they really take the time to stay invested in more than just my numbers. They are always on my side and provide encouragement, reinforcement, and push me when I’m being a total wimp and slacker. They have been really positive as I work through an injury that has sidelined me from my favorite things, and I needed that more than I realized!

Josh and Alessandra’s positivity and push for overall improvement of my health is contagious!

Kristin Pomarenski

Training + Nutrition Client

I started working with Josh and Alessandra because they seemed genuine, real and focused on overall health, not just weightloss. Over the past 5 months of working with them, I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence and know that my body can give me the feedback I need. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far! If I could sum up my experience using one word it would be life-changing!

Emma Wieduwilt

Training + Nutrition Client

I’ve been working with Josh and Alessandra for just under two years now! I’ve gained a whole new perspective on health and nutrition, not to mention the gains in the gym. My favorite part about their coaching is their positivity, knowledge and experience. Over the past 18 months, I’ve transformed how I look at myself, my body, and life in general. I’ve gone through all phases of dieting and learned to love all stages. Most notably I’ve added over 100lbs to my deadlift, 50lbs to my squat, and 35lbs to my bench!!

Jamie Held

Training + Nutrition Client

Before working with Josh and Alessandra, I’d been crossfitting for about 4 years and was scared to eat carbs. I wasn’t tracking macros, but when I started I was probably eating less than 100g of carbs per day. Now looking back, I don’t know how I survived on such little food! I’ve been on the team for over a year now, and my mindset has changed 100% since working with them. I eat for performance, I don’t restrict myself so much anymore, and I enjoy myself!

Nicole Leger

Training + Nutrition Client

I knew I needed accountability and guidance so I joined team SD Evolution and have been with them for 9 months now. I’ve lost 8 lbs on this cut, but have gained a whole new mindset when it comes to cardio and food! I now understand that low carb is not what my body needs and the increase in calories has been life changing! I have such an improved relationship with food and I have never been happier in life. I am completely fueled and the workouts they program are so great!

Amy Risner

Training + Nutrition Client

6 months ago, I thought things were going pretty well with my fitness but then I “met” Alessandra and Josh. I have gained self-confidence in myself and in each and every one of my lifts in the gym. I’ve lost body fat and I’m hitting PR’s weekly. If I could sum up my experience it would be, “Money well spent!!”

Tracy Liddell

Training + Nutrition

I found Alessandra on Instagram. I loved her posts, positive, upbeat and a healthy mindset with fitness and nutrition. From there I followed Josh and loved that they were a hubby/wife team that lived their lives practicing what you preach.

I have learned that food is not the enemy. That it is there to fuel you. That its OK to miss the gym if you’re not there mentally or too stressed out. To RELAX and enjoy life. Working out to look good is one thing….but working out as part of a healthy lifestyle….enjoying moments with friends and family and keeping healthy (body and mind) overall is the best kind of fitness.

What I love about their coaching is that I am accountable for what I do/don’t do. They provide the tools we need….but it’s me that has to put in the work. So if I’m not seeing results something in MY life isn’t working..eating .habits/sleep/stress. They are walking living proof that if we put the effort in and have patience we will see the results were after.

This program has been life changing! Physically, mentally + spiritually.

Zuhal Elhan

Training + Nutrition Client

After being on team SD Evolution for over a year, I have learned that fitness should fit my lifestyle, not dictate it. I was clueless about proper training and nutrition before working with Josh and Alessandra and my favorite part about their coaching is the constant positive response even when things don’t go perfectly on my end. They never make me feel bad about what I feel to be a failure but still push me to be better in an encouraging manner.

Valerie Enriquez

Training + Nutrition Client

Before working with Josh and Alessandra, my nutrition was a nightmare. I was too focused on weight loss and avoiding certain foods because they were labeled “bad foods”. Training consisted of cardio every day because again… weight loss was the goal. My relationship with food and working out wasn’t healthy and in my mind eating less+hours of cardio=happiness and weight loss. I didn’t realize how upside down my mind process was until I started working with SDE.

Since joining the team, I have learned to love my self and my body. I learned that being strong mentally and physically is rewarding in so many ways. There are no such things as “bad foods”. My mindset on food and working around took a complete 180 after being with SDE. I’m at a point in my journey where I can enjoy going out to eat at restaurants, going out to family parties, BBQs and eating dessert and just living in the moment. This has been a life-altering experience for me. This is something that is sustainable and not just a temporary “diet” phase.

The best part about their coaching is accessibility to them is always available. I always get a response when I have a question or concern and all the encouragement I receive when I’ve had a bad day or week.

Amanda Eastman

Training + Nutrition Client

I was very uneducated when it came to training and nutrition before working with SD Evolution. I loved it, I just didn’t know how to maintain it, or adjust things.

I have learned that its ok to fall off track….. a lot as long as you pick yourself back up. Also being more aware of my emotions. I have more tools in my bag to help me through tough times and have changed some bad habits. I’ve had lots of mindset gains. I read more, watch a lot less TV. I have lost 10lbs since starting. I have lost 4 inches in my waist. I still don’t hit huge numbers with the weights but that doesn’t bother me.

If you want a new you with a better outlook on life, team SD Evolution is the way to go.

Shari Hart

Training + Nutrition Client

I was so unfocused and was not getting results before working with Josh and Alessandra. I finally decided I needed a coach to get on track and see results. I chose SDE because I wanted a coach that cared about more than spitting out a cookie cutter program every month, and would listen and actually coach me even if it was online. I’ve reached so many goals since starting including muscle gain, lifting form and confidence improvement, decreased knee pain from increased muscle, more nutrient filled diet, ways to deal with stress daily.

SD Evolution changed my life in so many positive ways!

Becki Stenger

Training + Nutrition Client

Before SD Evolution, I was pretty unaware in regards to nutrition and I didn’t have a real focus for my training, or I just did whatever and had no plan. Now, I feel like I have a true understanding of training for strength and what steps are important to making progress. I also feel like I have a real grasp on nutrition and eating to fuel your sport. And my mindset, in general, is loads more positive. I see my peers and revel in their strength rather than feeling jealous of it, or inadequate.

My favorite part about their coaching is the check-ins! Feeling like I can be honest and open and ramble without being judged. It’s like a weekly phone call with a faraway friend.

To sum up my experience in one sentence: I feel challenged, heard, pushed toward setting and achieving my goals, valued, and cared for as a member of the team and I’m beyond stoked to be a part of it.

Mikasa Smith

Training + Nutrition Client

I chose SD Evolution to find balance between life and fitness. I’ve made a lot of mental gains. I no longer stress about missing a workout. I’m not as hard on myself anymore. I’ve also learned the importance of tracking your weights when lifting. Before I would never progress because I had no idea what weight I lifted last week!

My favorite part about their programming is their attention during check-ins. The emails aren’t scripted and feel very personalized!

Working with them has been everything I had hoped it would be!

Laura Grenier

Training + Nutrition Client

After 11 months (and counting!) with SD Evolution, I found they are always able to work with me no matter what my goals are. And even without meeting in person I feel they’re two of the most real, genuine coaches out there. I have learned overall to be more in tune with my body & how it reacts to nutrition & training.