Alessandra Scutnik

Get to know Alessandra

Alessandra was born and raised in North Haven, CT as a competitive dancer-turned fitness professional. Her mother is also a fitness professional and both her parents have always encouraged a healthy lifestyle. She attended North Haven High School followed by Central Connecticut State University to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Alessandra became a group exercise instructor at the age of 16, started personal training at the age of 19 and became the Fitness Manager at her university following that. After graduation she moved to San Diego, California to intern under Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10. It was there that she met Josh and started running outdoor bootcamps to officially co-found SD Evolution.

Certifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science
  • Over 10 years in the fitness industry
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach


  • Nationally Ranked USAPL 63kg Lifter
  • My Macros+ Sponsored Athlete

Josh Scutnik

Get to know Josh

Josh was born and raised in Colchester, CT and grew up as a tri-sport athlete. He ultimately turned his passion for sports into a career in the health/fitness industry. He attended Bacon Academy in Colchester follower by Central Connecticut State University to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He has worked as a personal trainer since the age of 19 at multiple commercial gyms but he has always had a dream of running his own business. Upon meeting Alessandra in San Diego, he left the commercial training behind to make a bigger impact on the fitness world.

Certifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Over 10 years in the fitness industry
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Nutritionist
  • NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist



Ciana Revak

Get to know Ciana

Coach Ciana grew up always doing some sort of activity, from cheerleading and dance to soccer and swimming. Her passion for sports lead her to lead a health-centric life going into college. She has been involved in CrossFit competitions at the local level and will sometimes still opt-in for the WOD, but has begun to look at life with a more holistic perspective. She has always had an eagerness to serve people and have found it best in health and fitness.
She has interned with UCF Sport Performance and was able to work with several D1 sports such as baseball, softball, volleyball, cross country and track and more. Outside of online coaching, she works as a strength and performance coach at a premier volleyball club in Florida, with DIA Sport Performance. With years of experience in personal training.

Certifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport +Exercise Science
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • UCF Sport Performance
  • Coach at DIA Sport Performance
  • Coach at AllFit Orlando


  • Social Chair of Undergrad Physical Therapy Association
  • FHSAA Cheerleading State Champion
  • FHSAA Girls Weightlifting State Qualifier 2017



Robin Kiddy

Get to know Robin

Coach Robin was born & raised in Lebanon, CT.She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2015 with a B.S. in Athletic Training and a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in strength & conditioning.
Robin has been a board certified Athletic Trainer since 2015.During undergrad, she worked with Division 1 level athletes on various sports teams and interned with the strength & conditioning coach for the UConn Men’s Soccer team.

After graduation she worked clinically as an Athletic Trainer while continuing her education and landed a job as a Research Coordinator for the CARE Consortium, funded by the NCAA-DOD at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Robin also had a 4 year career in law enforcement before diving head first back into what she is truly passionate about – health & fitness coaching!She is a mom of 1.5 year old Emilia, strongly believes in an evidence based approach and educating people to be the healthiest version of themselves, while being able to maintain that for the rest of their lives.

Certifications And Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science
  • Online Fitness and Nutrition Certification
  • Board Certified Athletic Trainer – 2015


  • 1st to earn both Bachelor’s Degrees simultaneously at UCONN
  • Graduated 1st in her class at the Police Academy
  • Samuel J Luciano Award at Police Academy
  • Superintendent’s Award for Excellence at U.S. Coast Guard



Hailie Rust

Get to know Hailie

Coach Hailie was born and raised in MN, and currently lives in Big Lake MN with her husband Tyler and two children Milo (2.5) and Zoey (7 months). She grew up as a dancer which led her to teach dance & preschool tumbling classes throughout college. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher in life, so she went to college to pursue a teaching degree. During that time she  realized she was following the wrong passion and decided to take a chance and follow her true passion of health and fitness.

She started as a personal trainer at a local club and had a hands-on internship while studying for her PT cert. From there she became the head trainer of the club and soon after that the PT manager. She has trained in a variety of ways there: 1-1, small group, large group, and senior fitness. She stepped out of the club right before having her son Milo and decided to become a stay at home mom & work for her husband’s business. But being a coach is one of her favorite things besides being a mom, so she couldn’t let that go so easily. She is so passionate about helping people prioritize their health without only focusing on weight loss. Some could say she’s a lover of all things mindset and strives to help each client grow in their relationship with themself.

Certifications And Experience

  • 5+ years in the fitness industry
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Health Coach
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach (GGS)
  • Health Mindset Certified Coach