Mindful Movement Collective

$12.99 / month

The Mindful Movement Collective (MMC) is our monthly membership training programming made for us busy people who want maximal results in the least amount of time spent in the gym possible. Stop guessing if your workout is efficient. Stop hopping from program to program and commit to one of our 4 options to see the results you want wherever you workout.

You get access to 4 programs with your membership for $12.99/month (no contract, cancel anytime).

MMC Build: This is our basic strength programming following an Upper/Lower split with a bonus full body conditioning day. 4 days with an optional 5th. This is for you if you have goals of getting stronger, losing body fat, + improving your physique. Workouts can be done in a gym setting or at home. Most exercises are with free weights but there are alternatives to each movement so you can make this work even if all you have is a pair of dumbbells at home.

MMC Move: This is our strength + conditioning programming best for busier seasons of life where time is even more limited and you just want to MOVE. Sessions are in an interval based format to maximize time spent in the gym getting you in and out in 30 minutes or less with a focus on strength + athletic performance. 3 strength sessions per week with optional cardio and conditioning recommendations. This is for you if you have goals of just feeling good all around. 

MMC Anywhere: This is our minimal equipment version of programming. All you need to complete these workouts is at least 1 resistance band which makes them great if you are limited at home, or even if you are traveling and want something to follow. There are 5 workouts for the week.

MMC Apocalypse: This is Josh’s program! Focus on mind + body from a holistic approach. Track + earn points for daily achievements, such as completing a workout, hitting a fiber goal, and meditating to keep yourself challenged and focused each month. Learn to implement these healthy habits into your daily routine and improve these areas over time. Program includes strength workouts, conditioning, and cardio recommendations.

All programs are in an Excel format so you can edit + track your weights/progress every week. Exercises are linked to our video library for quick reference. Programs are updated at 9am EST on the 15th of every month, but you can start at any time. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group so you can share your progress and stay motivated with the other members!

*Please note: this is not coaching. There is no direct contact with a coach. If you’re interested in working 1 on 1 with a coach, please click the coaching tab to apply!