Mindful Macros Collective

$12.99 / month

Here at SD Evolution, we coach our clients using our Fit Coach Pro custom portal to keep tabs on their macros, biofeedback and ask them specific mindset questions to reflect on every week in their check-ins.

We realized how powerful of a tool it is to be able to track everything all in one place, so The Mindful Macros Collective membership gives you access to this portal to use on your own (without the assistance of coaching).

With access to the portal you will be able to track weekly averages for your calories, macros, water, fiber, sodium, cardio, daily steps, and all of the biofeedback metrics like sleep, stress levels, digestion, energy levels, hunger levels throughout the day + even set up to 3 habits to work on each week.

Being able to reflect on this data will help you see where you can improve + make changes to finally reach your goals and make better progress! Here’s a video explaining how and why this can be so helpful:



Along with portal access, you will get access to our monthly recipe membership made for us busy people who want to make their food taste good, while still reaching their goals. Each month you get access to 20 recipes (5 recipes per week) that are listed with servings, macros, and SIMPLE ingredients that you can find at any local grocery store (if not already in your home!). Look forward to week 4’s theme of the month! Make recipes for yourself with leftovers for a couple of days, or for the entire family!



You will receive an email from noreply@fitcoachportal.com with login instructions within 24 hours of your purchase on business days, and the following Monday if purchased over the weekend. If you do not see your email, please start by checking your spam folders. After 24 hours, please contact FitnessTeam@sd-evolution.com for help. Once you are logged in, please navigate to the Resource Library to learn how to save the portal as an app to your phone + more getting started videos!

$12.99/month (no contract, cancel anytime). You are responsible to download and save each month as we do not send out previous month’s recipes! Once you cancel your membership, you lose access immediately.