Bodybuilding Templates


A “bodybuilding” training program doesn’t mean you have to be prepping for the stage. It just means that the focus is on hypertrophy, which is the ideal rep range and volume to help you BUILD muscle and BURN fat. If your main goal is to improve your body composition, this is the template for you! This template gives you 12 weeks of programming, broken into 3 different 4-week phases that you will cycle through and can use well beyond 12 weeks.

Rotating through these 4 week programs allows your body to adapt as efficiently as possible. Don’t get stuck in the same routine and continue to see limited results. Start training SMARTER! And you aren’t stuck with the same exercises each month. Each exercise on the sheet has a dropdown option to select a new exercise. So every time you start that program over, you can change them! These templates are truly customizable, so you can literally use them forever!

*PLEASE NOTE* Can only guarantee compatibility with Microsoft Excel. Save a duplicate copy of the template upon purchase and download. This way, if you delete a format, you have a backup copy. All purchases are final. We do not offer refunds and we do not send additional copies of the templates.