Pregnancy Training Program (GYM)


As soon as I got pregnant I was bombarded with questions and concerns from other mama’s or mama’s-to-be about what’s safe regarding training during pregnancy, what they should or shouldn’t be eating and how to navigate all of the struggles that come with pregnancy.

I created this guide to answer all of that…and more!

This guide is for the mama who is planning on getting pregnant soon, actively trying to conceive, currently pregnant or even someone who is almost through their pregnancy. The information is something that can be used long or short term, and will provide you a clear picture on what you need to do to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

What’s included:

-9 months of training programming to guide you through each trimester

-2 separate warm-up guides

-Training do’s + don’ts

-Video references for each exercise

-A 10-minute video specifically on core training during pregnancy and how to properly activate your core to prevent diastasis recti postpartum

-Nutrition guide for each trimester, as well as an overview on calories, and how to calculate your macros *if* that is something you want to do

-Tips for those who do not want to track macros during pregnancy

-A large focus on mindset, accepting weight gain, and dealing with body image during pregnancy

Equipment necessary:

-Can be done in any commercial gym or home gym with a squat rack/barbell, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance bands, basic machines.

**THIS IS THE GYM GUIDE** for the home specific program please scroll up 🙂