At-Home Training Templates


If you want to get in shape, but don’t have a gym membership, this is the option for you! You will need some basic equipment at home, dumbbells and bands being the bare essentials. But there are options in this program to include more exercises if you have more equipment, so you aren’t limited!

This template will take you through 12 weeks of programming, divided into three 4-week phases. Each phase will include different exercises at different rep ranges to keep your body adapting and keep you moving toward your goals! The sheet is also completely customizable. Each exercise has a dropdown to select new exercises from. So every time you rotate through the 12 weeks, you can switch things up. That means you can literally use this template forever!

*PLEASE NOTE* Can only guarantee compatibility with Microsoft Excel. Save a duplicate copy of the template upon purchase and download. This way, if you delete a format, you have a backup copy. All purchases are final. We do not offer refunds and we do not send additional copies of the templates.