The weekend is part of your diet too



Let’s talk weekend eating🍫🍿

It’s no secret that weekends make it much harder to commit to your nutrition. Between family events, going out with friends and just being more social than you would be during the work week, there’s a lot of curveballs being thrown your way.

First of all, it’s OK to have fun on the weekends. We’re not the party police here and we will never tell our clients to give up alcohol, skip their son’s birthday cake, or stay home like a hermit to avoid “bad” food confrontation. That is no way to live…and you don’t HAVE to live that way to be successful towards your goals.

Here are 3 tips to help you combat weekend over-eating:

  1. Set guidelines for yourself. If you know you have an event, plan ahead for it as much as possible. Wedding on Saturday evening? Eat high protein/veggies leading up to it, but not totally restricting yourself because then you’ll be ravenous. Have a set number of drinks at the wedding, don’t feel obligated to finish your plate, be picky with the “pickies”, and have one dessert instead of all 3. Simple guidelines can help you stay on track.
  2. Prep food specifically for the weekends. In our house, we meal prep for Monday, but we also meal prep again on Thursday so that we have plenty of fresh cooked food to last us throughout the weekend. When you’re prepared, you’re less likely to order out or eat out of pure convenience.
  3. Friday, Saturday AND Sunday don’t have to be all-out food eating contests. If Friday or Saturday was a day of indulgence, don’t let that drag over to Sunday too. This is known as the “F*ck-it” mentality. No need to throw away the entire weekend because you had one day of poor choices.

When you think about it, weekends are no different than any other days. They come every week, and there’s plenty of them to come in the future, so when you live without restriction, but also remind yourself that this is not your “last supper”, you’ll be able to approach your weekends with a better mindset, resulting in a more successful, balanced few days.