Everything I eat in a day


Our “Full Day of Eating” videos are some of the most watched on YouTube so I thought I would start sharing posts on this topic as well! I know some of you prefer reading over watching, or maybe you’re trying to pass time at work, so here’s some education on nutrition while you do that.

A little lifestyle recap:
I began flexible dieting back in 2015 and it has completely transformed my relationship with food (in a positive way of course). As someone who’s done strict meal plans, cut out entire food groups (hello Keto + Paleo days), and even tried eating an all-veggie diet at one time (my stomach still cringes thinking about that), it’s safe to say I’ve found a way of eating and living optimally that enhances my lifestyle.

Your diet should always be something that YOU enjoy and that YOU can be consistent with. Counting your calories and macronutrients is definitely not for everyone, but I think that there’s something to be learned in even a few weeks of tracking your intake and weighing your food using a food scale. For one, it can teach you proper portion sizes. When using a measuring cup or spoon, it’s quite common to overestimate the amount of food that you are measuring. Don’t believe me? Weigh out a tablespoon of peanut butter, or one serving of your favorite ice cream. I guarantee you’ll be disappointed with how “small” that true serving size really is. Using a food scale can be a really valuable tool (we have a whole blog post dedicated to that here), and once you really learn how to estimate portions, you don’t need to use that food scale forever.

*A little disclaimer before you read what I eat in a day*
My calories and macros are calculated for MY body. These numbers likely won’t work for you simply because they are based on things like my age, height, weight, genetics, activity level and dieting history. If you’re interested in finding out YOUR custom macros, email us at FitnessTeam@sd-evolution.com. Also, these are foods that my body loves and enjoys. Your food choices may look different depending on what your stomach can handle digestively speaking. I also change up my daily meals so this is just one day in my life! I like experimenting with different recipes, meal ideas, and foods of all shapes and sizes.

Meal #1: Breakfast

1 egg, 100g egg whites, spinach + tomato omelette topped with turkey bacon (Jennie-O brand) and a Thomas’ English Muffin on the side with 1/2 avocado (raspberries on one and salsa on the other because I couldn’t decide on sweet or savory!)
Nutritional Information: 26g protein, 35g carbs, 20g fat, 7g fiber (416 calories)

Meal #2: Lunch

1 Whole Wheat Joseph’s Flax + Pita Bread, 3 slices Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, 1oz goat cheese, spinach, pickled beets + 2 ounces of avocado with Honey Wheat Braided Pretzel Twists and a kiwi on the side.
Nutritional Information: 32g protein, 50g carbs, 13g fats, 9g fiber (450 calories)

Meal #3: Snack

1 packet of Quaker Maple + Brown Sugar Oatmeal mixed with water and 1 scoop of PES Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder topped with raspberries and a side of 2 chocolate crunch rice cakes + 1 tbsp peanut butter
Nutritional Information: 29g protein, 65g carbs, 13g fats, 6g fiber (297 calories)

Meal #4: Dinner

1 cup of Organic Quinoa + Brown Rice (costco), 1 cup of Edamame, 3 ounces of Organic Tempeh (vegan meat substitute), 60g of black beans topped with salsa
Nutritional Information: 24g protein, 70g carbs, 7g fats, 12g fiber (447 calories)

Meal #5: Snack

2 servings of Candy Bar Halo Top (dairy free), 1/2 homemade brownie
Nutritional Information: 6g protein, 46g carbs, 10g fats, 0g fiber (297 calories)

There you have it! That’s everything I eat on a rest day from training (I actually eat the same amount of food on rest days and training days, but my pre/post workout meals are more carb dense on training days). As you can see, most of my day is full of nutrient-dense, whole foods and this is the opposite of what most people think flexible dieting is. I choose to fuel my body with foods that I first and foremost enjoy, but also that I know are best for my overall health. If you have any questions on anything I ate, please comment below!