Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Food?


The Background

It sounds like a weird question, right? Relationship with food? Relationships are about emotions and we all absolutely have emotions toward food. It can be comforting, we can be excited about it, but it can also be scary and stressful. Going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant for an anniversary.. Exciting! But maybe you just started a diet and you’re worried about your family barbecue this weekend… Stressful! Why do we feel so good one way and so anxious the next? Why don’t we have a balanced and maintainable outlook both ways? That’s what we’re here to help you establish!

Where the Stress Comes From

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all dealt with some type of anxiety towards food. It could be about an event. A lot of times it’s as simple as a general outlook… Food=Fat, Fat=Bad, Food=Bad. General perceptions can give food a bad wrap. How many times have carbs or fats been portrayed as bad for you? Every fad diet that comes out has a new way to suppress your appetite, or to help you avoid carbs without feeling hungry. My only followup questions is WHY? Food is our source of fuel and nutrients. Why are we trying to deprive ourselves of that?

Carbohydrates provide several major functions, the main being the primary energy source in our bodies. Not fat. Not protein. Carbs are our most efficient form of energy. If you cycle your carbs, you know how true this is. (Think of how crappy low carb day feels compared to how great you feel after a high carb/refeed day.)

Fats are also incredibly important. One major function they provide is regulating our hormones. Things start to get funky when your hormones are imbalanced, so trust me on this one, it’s important. Fats are also needed to absorb certain vitamins (A,D,E,K). They even support cell growth.. Again, fats are not something you want to skip out on.

How You Can Fix It

The first step is changing the way we think about food. Food is fuel. Food is nutritious. It keeps us functioning optimally. When we eat, we often associate it with guilt.

“The more I eat, the fatter I’ll get.”

But we just can’t think this way. You will only gain weight if you are eating more calories than you are burning. Here’s a term for you- Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This term is used to describe the amount of calories your body burns at complete rest. Basically, if you slept all day, you would still burn this amount of calories. Each individual is different, but the average BMR for women is 1400 calories. The average for men is 1800 calories. That means before you jog for a single minute, or before you lift a single weight, you’ve already burned that many calories for the day.

The problem is that many people UNDER EAT because they are afraid of food. This slows your metabolism and lowers your BMR. I can’t tell you how many clients we have had come to us looking for fat loss but we’ve actually had to start them on a reverse diet to rev their metabolisms back up first. This is a VERY common trend because many people have a poor relationship with food.

Learning the Balance

To have success within this lifestyle, we all need to identify a balance. It’s going to be different for everyone. But the basics of what I mean are, what do we have to do to feel good? How can we avoid feeling guilty, while enjoying life and continuing to progress toward our goals?

Intuitive eating is a HUGELY powerful tool. Being able to listen to your body and recognize what it needs without having to weigh every plate of food and track every meal is key to consistency and avoiding setbacks. There are going to be times when we can’t stick to our normal plan. Holidays and events come up throughout the year and they are meant to be enjoyed, not worried about. So if we can get good at eating in moderation and making good choices, we have conquered intuitive eating.

Putting It All Together

Reframing our relationship with food does not happen overnight. It is a process like anything else. But if we can be mindful of they way we think and react towards food, we can begin to change. Small adjustments or corrections each day lead to transformations, mental and physical. So don’t get frustrated. Embrace the moment and learn to embrace the change.


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