Your Fitness Goals vs The Holidays.. What To Do?!


This is annual client freakout week. People feel truly tested as to whether they are committed to their goals. The holidays pose a legitimate speed bump that bring up many concerns.. “I’m not going to be able to track! We’re going to be traveling all weekend! I’m going to miss a couple workouts!”

“What do I do?!”

This is where I smile and refer them to the infamous Aaron Rodgers video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPEcDg6mUsM — “R-E-L-A-X. Relax. We’re gonna be ok.” Let me remind you, the main point we preach at SD Evolution is BALANCE. Now if we told you that you better hit your macros on Christmas Day or all progress will be lost, would that sound like balance to you? Do you want to know what we actually tell our clients? Don’t track on Christmas! Why? Well, this time is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. A couple days or a week where you aren’t 100% on top of your fitness goals is ok, and can even be beneficial in the long-term. This brief time off can be just the recharge your batteries needed to get back to full strength and motivation, allowing you to kick ass into the New Year! As long as every day isn’t an eating contest, you will be just fine.

So, let’s tackle some concerns.


Over 100 million people do some type of traveling on Christmas, whether it be driving to Grandma’s house our flying cross-country home. So there’s a good chance you will be affected by travel this week. What can you do? If you’re flying, make a pit stop at a grocery store to pick up some essentials. Greek yogurt, chicken, eggs, sweet potatoes, almonds.. Just pick some of your favorite options at home to stock up on so that EVERY meal isn’t Christmas cookies. If it’s just a drive for Christmas dinner, go about your normal routine. Stick with your typical meals leading up to dinner.

Tracking Macros

If you’re a current client with us, you should be well prepared for this one. Intuitive eating is your friend. Listening to your body is one of the most valuable tools you can learn. If you aren’t a current client, you can still pull this off. The simplified version of this concept is this- make smart choices and when you are no longer hungry, stop eating. When you’ve been tracking for a while you will be able to tell exactly what your body needs. But for the non-macro counters out there, your body will tell you when it’s all set on calories. Eat slow and listen.

Missing Workouts

We’re going to be eating more and working out less. So, this is a major problem right? No, not necessarily. Will you see some weight gain? Probably. But your body will also be getting some extra rest. And if you’ve been working out regularly for a significant amount of time, this might be just what the doctor ordered. After a little time away from the gym, you should notice more energy and better performance when you get back in there. This is especially true if you’re eating in a surplus.

Living That Balance

Unless you are getting paid to be in incredible shape, like a physique competitor or an athlete, you need balance to sustain this lifestyle. Don’t put yourself in a bubble where the gym is everything. There are too many things out there that you’re going to miss out on. I am not telling you to not care about your goals. I’m telling you that unless this is your profession, you should be using fitness to better everything else in your life. Your confidence, your performance, your health, and your mindset, among many other things are improved by working out and eating right. So use this as a tool to better your lifestyle. And with balance you will not see this as a brief period in your life where you were in incredible shape, but rather as a life-long asset that allowed you to do amazing things.

The moral of the story here is to make healthy choices when you can this week. And when it’s time to enjoy the good stuff, do it. 🙂

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!


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