When You Choose to Start Could Say A Lot About How You Finish


I’ll be the first one to tell you to never compare your progress to anyone else’s. We all have a different story, a different journey. But I just want to start with a metaphor to make my point. If you’re in a race and you get a ten minute head start, that’s a pretty good advantage right? You’re probably going to win that race. What if you one person started five minutes before you, but the rest of the group started two minutes after you? You’re still going to do pretty well. And if the exact opposite happens, you start ten minutes after everyone else, will you even try to catch up? Maybe you’ll take a few quick steps until you realize how hard it’s going to be to catch up..

Correlation to YOU

Now in that scenario, imagine you are every single one of those competitors, just in different situations. You’ve obviously put yourself in the best possible situation by giving yourself a head start, and you understand how the rest of the picture goes. So what do I mean?

To put it simply, you have the power to make the choice of where you want to start. It really is that simple. The amount of seriousness you put into starting is what determines your initial position. If you decide you want to make a change in your life and you won’t let anything stand in your way, you are going to get that head start. This is the situation where you’re going to have the most momentum in achieving your goals. You’ve already made up your mind that you need this. You will have a plan in place to accomplish your goals, and you’ve already put them into action.

If you think you want to make a change, but you’re going to wait until next month so you can slowly transition into making an effort, you’re still doing well, but you aren’t taking it as seriously as you could. There’s no great time to start anything. There will always be SOMETHING in the way. The only difference is if you’re ready to make the adjustments or not. So here you’ve got somewhat of a head start but you didn’t take off running.

This one is by far the most common.. Wait for it.. “I’m going to crush my New Year’s resolution this year!” Whether you said this last month or this week, it’s only November! If you know you want to change your life, why are you putting it off for two months?? This scenario relates most directly to the metaphor. If you  wait to start last, you’re going to see how much more difficult that challenge seems it will be to overcome, and only give it half the effort it deserves. I’m not saying you can’t be successful with your New Year’s resolutions. I’m just saying you’re stacking the deck against you before you even start. The majority of our clients are long-term. We have very few clients who stay with us 3 months or less. But 80% of those started in January. That’s the pattern we’ve seen.

The best plan to achieve success is to be decisive and take action. You decide you want something and then you immediately do something about it. This forms positive habits. It’s kind of like that to-do list on your phone that goes off with a reminder and you just keep snoozing it until tomorrow… (a little self examination here because this is one of my biggest flaws!) It’s a vicious pattern. But if you get into the habit of writing things down and DOING them, you become much more motivated, efficient, and goal oriented. It doesn’t weigh on you for not getting done, it becomes a weight lifted and the tasks become easier and easier!

This whole thing is less about when you actually start, and more about what that says about your mindset and drive toward achieving the goal. So do yourself a favor and be the person who gets the head start. That simple action will change your life forever!


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