Top 4 Exercises to Build Your Back


Have you ever gone online and found a training program but wondered how and why it was put together? Or better yet, have you tried to build your own training program but weren’t sure if you were choosing the best exercises for your goals? Well we’re going to make it a little easier for you. Here are the top 4 exercises for building your back!

4. Dumbbell Row

One of the most simple, and yet foundational exercises in any back routine is the dumbbell row. There are plenty of variations to it, including one or two arms, and supported or unsupported. These different variations can be designed engage your core more, or to move maximal weight and place as much stress as possible on your lats.

3. Barbell Row

The barbell row is another awesome tool that allows you to move a significant amount of weight, which is always a plus when you’re trying to build muscle. Depending on how you angle your body and set yourself up for the pull, you can add emphasis to your upper or lower lats. This movement is a must in your back training.

2. Pull Up

Pull ups are awesome for an added emphasis on your upper back. A lot of back exercises are performed pulling up or towards you, but the pull up hits it from a different angle, being an overhead pulling movement.

1. Deadlift

Deadlifts are the king of all exercises. There’s no cheating them.. You load the bar up and you pull it off of the ground. It sounds simple, but you are working your entire posterior chain in the process. Nothing beats this for overall back development.


These 4 movements are the foundation for a solid back building routine. The compound movements and amount of weight that you can use are the building blocks for strength and growth. These exercises incorporate several different muscles, so you can be sure that your workout is extremely efficient!


Josh Scutnik

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