4 ways to stay on track at events, parties or holiday celebrations


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Around the 4th of July I posted a Vlog including tips on how to stay on track with your nutrition during holiday events. The video can be watched here:YouTube VLOG , but in the mean time I wanted to highlight the tips I included in that video as they can be used at ANY gathering, event or party that you go to.

Before I found Flexible Dieting, I found myself at family parties with an insane amount of anxiety. Being Italian, there was SO MUCH FOOD. So much food that I had completely banished from my life as part of an effort to “eat clean”. At times I found myself bringing my tupperware containers full of broccoli and tilapia to these events so I could “stay on track”. Sometimes this worked (and I was miserable) and sometimes it didn’t, I would completely go overboard and eat everything in sight, and then still feel miserable and incredibly guilty. Flexible Dieting has completely transformed my mindset and way of life. I now enjoy treats and foods that I love in moderation along with nutrient dense foods throughout my day. For more information on Flexible Dieting–shoot us an email, we would love to explain it to you!

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track at your next BBQ or event: 

Tip #1

Drink lots of water before, during and after the event. You are most likely going to be eating foods that your body is not used to. Foods that are higher in sodium or sugar most likely. Having water before will help keep you feeling “full” and guzzling during and after will help flush out what doesn’t need to be there.

Tip #2

Before going to your event, make sure to eat a semi-filling meal full of protein and fiber. I found that when I went somewhere and I was already hungry, it just led to bingeing. If you arrive and your stomach is already full, chances are you won’t go overboard. I will usually have a small spinach salad with some chicken (or something along those lines) before attending a party.

Tip #3

Bring your own dessert or appetizer! Having a macro-friendly option where you know what is exactly in it will allow you to have a back-up plan. If you get somewhere and either A) Don’t like the food there or B) want a fall-back option to keep you satisfied this will come in handy. There are so many recipes on Pinterest that are healthier versions of other desserts or recipes-so I bet if you didn’t tell anyone, they wouldn’t even know your contribution was a healthy one!

Tip #4

Finally, you should enjoy yourself! Living a balanced lifestyle is important and while you shouldn’t go completely haywire and eat everything you see, it is totally ok to treat yourself and enjoy the time you are spending with your friends and family. Getting stressed out over your diet or food intake is not healthy or a way to live. I always say, “One treat meal will not make you fat just like one nutritious meal will not make you healthy.”


Enjoy your end of the summer events!