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Thanks to social media and the world wide web in general we have so much access to information- especially in the fitness world. The problem with this however is that there is not only a lot of information out there, but a lot of false information out there. This can be incredibly confusing and frustrating if you are trying to reach a goal, and not sure what to believe or what to try. I’m sure you have seen a lot of accounts that sell meal plans or challenges that tell you exactly what to eat. At first, you may think, “Wow! This is perfect and so easy!”. You start off motivated, and ready to follow these guidelines however a few weeks later you find yourself cheating on your new diet– and at worst feeling guilty about it. So now what? Force yourself to get back on track and follow this plan only to once AGAIN cheat on it at your family BBQ the next week? Doesn’t seem as motivating and easy as you once thought.

While having everything laid out for us is great, it simply is just not realistic to follow a meal plan that incorporates the same meals weekly well…for the rest of your life? I went through a similar thought multiple times when trying diets like Paleo, Ketogenic, & clean eating. I just could not see myself honestly following those diets (which all omit or restrict one thing or another) for the rest of my time living on Earth. I had family functions to attend, celebrations & just days where maybe I didn’t want to eat chicken or a salad. There HAD to be a better way- and there IS.

You may have read some of my posts about Flexible Dieting before so here is a quick recap:

What Flexible Dieting is:

  • a “free” way of attaining your goals
  • a balance of nutrient-dense foods with the freedom to incorporate your favorite less nutrient-dense foods
  • a macronutrient based plan (protein, carbs and fats)
  • different for every person that follows it

What Flexible Dieting is not:

  • Eating junk food all day
  • a “diet”
  • a set plan to follow

Flexible Dieting (or Flexible Living) is sustainable for anyone who tries it- simply because it consists of the freedom of incorporating foods that you enjoy into a balanced lifestyle without any stress or restrictions. You can eat different meals every single day, or if you are a creature of habit, keep it the same daily. Flexibility in your food choices is what makes this method do-able for any individual whether you are a competitive athlete or just trying to lose weight. The reason why meal plans fail is because they don’t always fit in your life. Learn how to balance holidays, special events, eating out for dinner and just day to day living. Interested in hearing how we can help you?

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Balance is the key of life.