Building a strong, defined core: What it takes


As personal trainers, one of the main things most of our clients want is a six pack or visible abs. This goal is more attainable for some people simply because of genetics and having abs usually means having a low percentage of body fat. What some people fail to realize is that although abs are made visible in the kitchen, they are certainly built in the gym through a variety of exercises. The abdominals are in fact a muscle, so you should train them as you would any other muscle if you want them to grow. Weighted hypertrophy work as well as bodyweight exercises combined can be the recipe for success when building a six pack. When working with our clients, we like to challenge them with new ways to work their abs because let’s face it…the average crunch can get quite boring.


Our client Tiffany who we introduced to you a few weeks ago came to us with the goal of weightloss as well as strengthening her upper body. While we have achieved both of these goals during our time training together, she had one more area she wanted to improve. She also expressed to us her desire for more definition in her stomach area however she said after taking a core-focused group exercise class she had trouble engaging her core and wasn’t feeling the exercises working her abdominals. As soon as she stated this I had a solution to her problem which involved using the HumanX Gear AbX as an assistant. This addition to your workout routine can take the average crunch and not only increase the intensity, but provide comfort by supporting the lumbar spine.

Here is Alessandra with Tiffany during one of their sessions performing a cross-crunch on the AbX as well as a full sit-up:

Tiffany stated immediately that she felt a huge difference and actually felt that her core was activated while performing these two exercises to attack the abdominals. Her spine was supported yet she was still being challenged since the curved AbX allows her to extend back further than if she were laying on a flat surface making what is a somewhat easy exercise for most more advanced. Keep in mind that in order to make your developed abs visible, you need to be following a proper nutrition plan that will help you shed body fat. Luckily here at SD Evolution, we offer online training programs, nutritional guidance, as well as macro-based nutrition programs so that your dreams of having that desired, defined core can finally become a reality. Having a strong core is not only aesthetically pleasing, it will also allow you to perform other exercises better with increased stability. A strong core should be YOUR next fitness goal. What will you do to achieve it?

Until next time fitness warriors,