Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody.


  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants used to be one of my favorite movies growing up. A magical pair of jeans that fit 4 different best friends giving them each confidence & self love. If only something so magical existed today!

Alexis Bledel

While this movie (like most) is unrealistic, I think the message we can take from it is valuable: “Love the skin you’re in”. Unfortunately instead of all of us loving our own shape and size, we focus as a nation on becoming a size 2, trimming our bodies down to nothing using “waist training”, or defining what “perfect” is. Taking extreme measures to become what our society has defined as “perfect” is what a LOT of women & girls are doing to fit in, but why do we feel the need to fit into something that is not only unattainable for most, but unhealthy?


“Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody.”

I heard this quote recently and it really spoke to me. As a personal trainer, I work with men and women of all different shapes and sizes. I certainly would not classify only my “skinny” or fit clients as healthy because I have clients who are slightly overweight who take better care of themselves than some of my clients who are average weight. Who are we to define what healthy is? I think the most important factor of incorporating a healthy lifestyle is finding what works for you. What makes you feel the best? What makes you the happiest? What fuels your body in a powerful way? I think a lot of individuals come to me looking to lose weight, or better themselves in some way and that is GREAT however I think they expect me to give them this magic potion that is going to be the secret to their success. There is not one diet that is going to work for everyone, there is not one training routine that is going to work for everyone. I can give you guidelines and support to help you along the process but what it comes down to is what YOU can do to help yourself. If eating clean works for you, AWESOME. If working out first thing in the morning before you do anything works for you, AWESOME. If following IIFYM (if it fits your macros) works best for you, AWESOME. The best advice I can give as a trainer and lifestyle coach is to find what moves you. If you find yourself miserable from a strict diet. Ditch it! What’s the point of stressing yourself out over something that you control? Admit to yourself that this is not the solution for you and move along to find your niche. I have tried just about every diet. I have cut carbs, cut fat, and Paleo-ed my way around town but none of those lasted- because they weren’t for me. One of my most recent discoveries is figuring out that obsessively counting calories was also not for me. I had come to the point where I would NEED to input my meals into the app on my phone before I even got to enjoy them. I would feel immediate guilt if I went over my set number for that day. What for? Did I gain weight because of it? Nope. It was just causing unhappiness and added stress to my life. I decided it was time to ditch the app. Since deleting it from my phone and just going through my day eating simply when my body told me it was hungry is SO much better.

I am still learning SO much about my body and how it works and it truly amazes me. I found the motivation for this post and for ditching my calorie counting from a book written by someone who is a role model, inspiration and a simply amazing individual and friend, Kasey Arena. Her and Heather Waxman joined forces to write their book, BODY PEACE which is a 30 day guideline to banishing body shame & guilt while creating a happy relationship with food. While I am only a few days in my journey, I already highly recommend this book to ALL women because if nothing else, it is a way to get to know and love your body in a healthy way. You can purchase it here—> {Body Peace Book} via Amazon! I can’t wait to do a FULL review once my 30 day journey is complete!


   We all are human, yet we are each built differently. Not one person in this world has the same make-up as you do. Big-boned, petite, tall, skinny, short, muscular, pear-shaped, big hips–whatever it may be that you have decided you HATE about yourself is exactly what makes you, YOU. I used to hate my curly hair growing up along with my name (Alessandra). I begged my Mom every day for a straightener & any hair product that would get rid of my curls and I remember seriously considering changing my name to Alex (because that’s what Mary-Kate Olsen got to be named in one of her movies) and because it was more common.  Now, those two traits are my two favorite things about myself, because they make me ME. They make me different. Stop finding things that you want to change about yourself and focus on the amazing features that make you YOU.


Remember: LOVE the skin you’re in!