How to turn a setback into a comeback


Hi everyone!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been for Josh & I! Last week we had 4 of Josh’s friends visit us here in San Diego, which was such a blast. It was so much fun showing them our favorite spots around our new city. From an 8 mile trek to Potato Chip Rock, to my favorite (yet dangerous) cliff walk through the mountains leading us to Black’s Beach, to some mini-golf and ice cream adventures, safe to say we are WORN OUT.(See the pics below!) Although we kept up with our workouts, we both took breaks from our strict eating habits to enjoy the time with our friends. As much as I enjoyed all of the treats I was craving my chicken and veggies by the end of the week. Funny how that happens!

setback 1

setback 2

setback 3

One of the last nights I headed out with the girls while Josh and his friends did their thing at the casino. Prior to going out I told myself that I was going to have a good time, enjoy a glass of wine or two and just unwind- something I don’t make time for very often. Although I have given up my crazy party days, the past year I have enjoyed a glass of wine here and there with dinner so I figured tonight wouldn’t be any different. Well….after two glasses of wine I was feeling pretty toasty. Considering that day was a lower-carb day for me, and only eating salad for dinner, I didn’t factor in that two glasses of wine would hit me more than usual. Not only did I begin to hate how I was starting to feel (which also began to ruin a perfectly good girl’s night), but feelings of anxiety started to hit me. I kept thinking of my past and all of the problems and negativity alcohol had caused me. It was like a flashback to college days when I would say or do things that I would never have done if I were sober. This wasn’t me. I fell in love with my body and my mind when I started focusing on fitness and my health. I didn’t need alcohol to have a good time anymore, in fact I would always end up having a better time without it. Even though it was just a couple glasses of wine and I was drinking multiple glasses of water in between, I was not happy with the decision I made that night. Not to mention one of the reasons why I was attracted and ended up falling in love with Josh was because he didn’t drink. After a week out of my element, I let the outside environment get the best of me. I had a setback in my journey and you know what? Right now at this very moment I am GLAD it happened.

Here’s why….

It took this setback to make me realize that I don’t even want or need those few glasses of wine here and there. What was my need for that? I couldn’t think of one besides conforming to what we think as a society as a reward or relaxing. Alcohol has no nutritional value to my body so why ingest it? I dislike how it makes me feel, it consists of empty calories and only brings negativity to me physically and mentally. I have no desire to bring anything but positive vibes into this beautiful life I have created.

With THAT being said, I decided to turn this setback into a comeback. After a Sunday spent resting up my body, today I planned my goals for this week, planned my meals, and everything else I needed to be successful. I set aside my blog topics, responded to client emails and got myself excited to continue being my best self. I have learned so much about myself this past year and although I’m sure there will always be learning, I am starting to realize what’s worth it and what’s not. We are all human, we will make mistakes..that’s life! It’s up to you to realize those mistakes and act on them. Surrounding myself with positive people, being in an uplifting relationship, and taking care of my body while inspiring my mind are always at the top of my to-do list.


When life throws you a curveball, it may hit you, but what you do after it does is what matters most.

Happy Monday & continue being YOU