The truth on “Skinny Fat”: could it be as bad as obesity?



Do you know someone who can eat WHATEVER they want, never have stepped foot in a gym a day in their life yet they still have the body of a toothpick? I can definitely name a few people I have come across in my life who have treated their bodies like a wastebasket simply because they could. They could eat a box of Oreos, McDonalds daily and ice cream every single night without even putting on an ounce of weight. Now you may be jealous of this person however the damage they are doing to the inside of their bodies is not something you should envy.

Although we all look different on the outside, we are all built the same way on the inside. The scary thing for these unhealthy¬† eaters is that they can have severe metabolic syndrome and even develop disease such as Type II Diabetes or even increase their risk of cardiovascular disease. Type II Diabetes is in fact directly related to Obesity however there’s no way your friend is obese….they barely have any fat on them! Right??

Nope! When a person consumes mostly processed, high sugar foods, their body stores it as visceral fat aka the most dangerous type of fat that is stored surrounding our internal organs.How can you expect your organs to do their job with layers of fat surrounding and suffocating them? While they may not look unhealthy or fat on the outside, their insides are a ticking time-bomb. Look at the heart for example, its sole job is to pump blood throughout your entire body to keep you alive. With fat surrounding it, chances are it is not going to work as well than a healthy heart. While the world continues to focus on the Obesity epidemic, I think we have become focused on getting the overweight into shape and healthy while putting the average person with a normal BMI yet at high risk for disease on the back burner. So if you know someone, or ARE someone considered as “skinny fat” here’s what you can do:

How to become a healthier YOU

As I mention to all of my clients, your weight is a number- only a number. Sure it can be motivating to visually see the weight on the scale decline, yet for someone like me, who is physically fit the number on my scale has gone UP since I started working out heavily. Instead focus on healing your body from the inside out.

  • Eat whole, nutrient dense foods. If you are new to clean eating, take baby steps. Aim for 80% of your diet to be clean at first, then increasing that number to 90%. I still enjoy treats once per week!
  • Eliminate fast food options and foods high in sugar. Sugar turns directly into fat!
  • Don’t eat bad foods just because you “can” without gaining weight. I guarantee a clean diet will not only give you more energy, but make you feel better.
  • Instead of using the scale, measure your progress with photos or a tape measure keeping track of your waist and hip measurements. You will notice more of a difference here!
  • And finally, get yearly physicals to make sure your health is in check!

You don’t have to torture yourself through a crazy diet to become healthy. Eating clean and taking care of my body was the best choice I have ever made. Not sure where to begin?? Email me at for questions or to get started with a meal or training program.

Remember, you only have one body to live in…why not treat it the right way?