How to become a morning person…and even better a morning exerciser!


I have not always been the morning person I am today, in fact I used to HATE waking up in the morning. The thought of getting out of bed for anything never mind to exercise was such a struggle. Today however, I absolutely love the early hours of the morning. The hours when it feels like no one else is even living on Earth except for you. Whether you’re already a morning person, or are convinced that there is no way in hell you would ever think about lacing up your sneakers before doing anything else…it’s time to reconsider. I am all for learning new ways to challenge your mind and your body. I think it can make you grow as an individual and ultimately better your life in many ways. SO listen up!

Step 1: Prepare.

Preparation is the key to life, especially when attempting to become a morning person. Every night before bed, I pick out my workout clothes including socks, underwear and headband and lay everything out on the floor near my bedroom door. When everything is ready to go, you are wasting no time, you have no excuses and you are ready to attack the day.

Step 2: Sleep.

Getting enough sleep is probably the most important. Most days I am usually in bed by 10PM. Lights completely out by 10:30. This includes the light coming from the TV, cell phone and laptop. I’ll give myself that half-hour to cruise Pinterest then shut down. I know that personally my body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed in the morning and when I get less than that I am less likely to get out of bed for my morning workout.

Step 3: Open eyes means up and at em! Now!

As soon as my eyes open in the morning I put my feet on the ground and stand up. There have been too many times when I lay there for 10 minutes, or hit the snooze button and wake up again 10 minutes later feeling even more tired than before. Yes it’s early, yes you will be tired, no that is not an excuse.

Step 4: Walk, run, just move!

Movement. Something that is increasingly declining in America. You sit all day at work, you sit on the couch at night therefore it is extremely important to move as much as you can throughout the day. I’m not telling you to wake up and go do a vigorous exercise. If that’s what you can do- AWESOME. If all you can do is a quick walk around the neighborhood..guess what? You’re still moving. You’re still burning calories. You’re awakening your body and mind in a positive way.

With these 4 steps I hope I inspire you to wake up with determination. You don’t always need coffee to get your blood pumping energy in the morning! Start you days off right and see how much better your days then become.

Rise & shine…literally!