Group Fitness Fun


Everyone has their own opinion on group training. And honestly, it works better for some than others. Group training creates a fun atmosphere that promotes fitness and socialization. We are naturally in a better mood when we are surrounded by friends, or just good people in general. Boot camps have been picking up steam across the country. Some people find it difficult to walk into the gym for a scheduled one-on-one appointment with a personal trainer. It just isn’t appealing to them. This isn’t to say that they don’t like working out, it just may not be the right setting for them. Take this same person and tell them that they can get a great workout and bring their friends to a local park to meet up with that same trainer at an event he is putting on, and they may fall in love with fitness all over again.

JCS Fitness has started running outdoor boot camps in San Diego at local recreational facilities near clients’ homes. This has been immediately successful because it isn’t just working out; it is a social event. People look forward to this happening once a week. They get a good sweat in to start their day, while also hanging out with their friends. For some people, this may be a great tool to help them put a positive spin on working out. There are days when we all dread getting that workout in, it is just part of being a gym rat! But it’s pretty easy to look forward to going outside and enjoying this incredible west coast weather!

If you have found yourself in a recent fitness rut, look up some local boot camp classes, or if you are in the San Diego area contact JCS Fitness about finding a local class or starting a new one with a group of friends in your area! It may be just the thing to get you back on track. It really is a completely different atmosphere. You still get that great workout in through many different training techniques such as circuits, plyometrics, body weight exercises, core strengthening, and fun cardiovascular activities! Give it a shot! What do you have to lose? Besides a few pounds! ;)