4 Fun And Easy Ways To Get Your Family Active!


1.   Hiking: Hiking is the top option on my list. What better way to relieve stress and break away from the everyday anxieties of the real world than getting lost in nature for a day with your family? There are plenty of beautiful trails you can find on the internet for a new exploration destination. Best of all is that you won’t even realize you are exercising!

2.   Picnic: A picnic at the park may not seem like an activity. But pack a football or a Frisbee and there you go! Enjoying a sport on a beautiful day with your family is a casual way to get active. Throw your chicken on the grill then go run a few routes with the football!

3.   Biking: Another great option is going for a bike ride! It has less impact on your joints than going for a run, and you can travel further and see more in a shorter period of time. It doesn’t take much to get your heart rate up on a bike. You can try doing intervals or find a challenging hill to push yourselves. Find a scenic route or a new trail to keep things interesting.

4.   Find a Local Event: There are plenty of 5k walk and runs going on constantly throughout the year. You can push yourselves by trying to run the whole thing and work throughout the year on beating your previous times. It is much more motivating to train knowing you are doing it for a specific event. If these options are less appealing, there are some very challenging, but fun, options as well. Tough Mudder is a very popular event around the world. There are less challenging options such as Warrior Dash, or local mud runs also.