“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving.”- Albert Einstein


      Arriving in San Diego car-less with only 4 miles between my apartment and Fitness Quest 10, I decided the best option for me this summer was to get a bicycle. Safe to say it has been quite some time that I have actually sat on a bicycle (if we aren’t counting spin class) so after spending two hours testing bikes out at our local Target, I finally settled on a shiny, purple mountain bike. Since I had spent so long trying to pick the perfect bike (wayyyy too long), by the time I checked out at Target it was dark outside. Just picture it: petite, blonde East Coast girl who hasn’t ridden a bike in easily 10 years had to cruise 3 miles home in the middle of San Diego. Yes I did in fact get lost and almost went into the wrong apartment but I made it back in one piece! Not only did I successfully make it home but I had developed a new love for biking, similar to the love I had developed almost a year ago for running. Driving my car around CT, I would see the occasional biker and often would get annoyed because they would be in my way yet never did I really stop to think WHY this person was biking. In San Diego, riding a bike is incredibly more common than it is in CT and I officially understood why. Like running, it was my time to myself to escape. Over the next few weeks I used my time on my bike to just think, feel the fresh air and fall in love with this city in a way that was new to me. Sure there are days that I did not want to bike to the gym JUST to workout some more before biking home, but at the end of those days I not once regretted it.

Biking does also have other benefits including increased cardiovascular function (my resting heart rate is down to 45bpm which is about the level of an elite athlete) as well as working those legs harder than anything I have ever done. I can honestly say I am in the BEST shape of my life from having to bike around the county as well as continuing my strength training.

I truly think that if everyone had to bike to their job for one week they would not only see their usual commute in a different way but they would really see the beauty of the life we get to live. Biking to and from my job, the grocery store (which is challenging when you need to buy eggs!) and anywhere else I needed to go provided a new adventure every single time and is part of the reason why I love this beautiful city of San Diego.